Gold Canyon

Cinnamon Vanilla

Heritage candles use a natural soy wax blend with three-wicks, waxed, cut, and tabbed in house, making it environmentally friendly to burn, and producing a clean and even burn with no soot. The New Heritage line features a modern and sleek diamond-cut 14 oz. glass jar with a silver embossed lid, which means a Gold Canyon candle fits into any place in your home, regardless of decor or location! Gold Canyon boasts our Whole-Home Fragrance, producing the strongest throw to fill every room in your house!

  • Spicy Cinnamon, Sweet Butter, Heartwarming Vanilla.
  • Over 35 hours of burn time.
  • 14 oz.
At check out, you’ll have the opportunity to select an organization to support by donating $1 per candle to increase awareness and acceptance of all mental illnesses. you are making a difference.